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Kristina Bradt is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist and arts administrator. Her work compares our individual memories with ephemera and phenomena from adolescence to adulthood; giving meaning to the moments we leave behind us. Driven by an appreciation for revisiting core memories, Bradt explores her connection to objects and places that are heavily ruled by luck, fate, and chance (both devised and naturally occurring). In a broader sense Kristina likes to study people, their everyday surroundings, and the connections and interactions between the two. Her work combines physical and illustrated still life practices primarily through watercolour, printmaking, installation and digital media to explore storytelling.

After earning her BFA in Visual Arts from University of Windsor (2017), Kristina became a Gallery Preparator at her local gallery. In June 2021 she started her role as Programming Coordinator for artist-run centre, Artcite Inc. In her spare time, Kristina is a community arts advocate actively volunteering throughout the region. She served as President of Vanguard Youth Arts Collective from 2020 - 2022 and has been a supporter of the Windsor Peace Fountain and Festival Plaza redesign projects.


In 5+ years, Kristina has been commissioned by organizations across Southwestern Ontario including: Windsor International Film Festival, City of Windsor, City of Burlington, City of Kitchener-Waterloo, Art Gallery of Windsor, Creative Hub 1352, Life After Fifty and the Gordie Howe Bridge Association. Her ability to dream big, stay motivated and foster community connections is evident as her personal grant funded projects total over $20,000, while earning an additional $30,000 in collaborative project funding. Kristina's sound art projects have earned support from Arts Culture & Heritage Fund and landed her the 2020 Lois Smedick Emerging Artist Award from Windsor Endowment for the Arts. 

Thank-you to the following organizations for lending their generous support:
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